Chiropractic Arts was founded January 1, 1990, at it�s present location. Dr. Barbara Buettner, after having worked for a local chiropractor was given the opportunity to open a solo practice. Chiropractic Arts is a hand�s on chiropractic practice that only does chiropractic care along with some muscle work. It is known as a �straight chiropractic� clinic.

Often in this practice chiropractic care needs to be supplemented with muscle work, hot and cold therapy, exercises and home care. These are explained to each patient and tailored to each case. We strive to be involved with the patient�s everyday life and activities to help their health be optimum.

New patients must have an appointment, as we need time to evaluate each individual. Once established and under a treatment plan patients are allowed to become walk-ins as necessary.

Chiropractic Arts is a fun loving, easy going, patient loving practice. Each patient is treated as an individual with care and concern for their health. Expect a unique health care experience!